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The company has collaborated with various brands globally.

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes. WordPress is web publishing software use to create a beautiful website.

The on-page SEO is essential for ensuring your site will rank highly on search engines. It is the SEO involved in giving a user a satisfying experience when they arrive on a website, visiting the right pages of your website, and visiting them at the right time, all of this through SEO factors.

We use email marketing because it is one of the most effective forms of marketing today. We don't always have the opportunity to reach people right when they are in need of our services. And that is one of the most common reasons why people fail at online marketing.

A relatively new discipline, graphic design is one of the fastest growing fields in the world and a profession that will only continue to grow as consumer technology continues to improve and advertising faces ever-increasing challenges from the internet.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol that enables encryption and authorization of data exchanged over a TCP/IP network. Basically, this enables one server to be assigned to the Internet Protocol address (IP) of another server.

A great shopping experience will definitely help you to boost conversions. Use product image galleries to attract more visitors. If you don’t have a big audience, use your social network to advertise your business & attract new clients.

Blogger is an industry leader in blogging platforms. It provides blogging tools for beginners to experienced writers to create blogs in this growing industry. Blogger is used by millions of bloggers and freelance writers around the world.

Migrating a website from one platform to another is nothing less than replacing your business' very soul with another and completely changing its working. The transition may seem challenging to you at first and you may find it to be a tedious task.

YouTube can be used to promote your videos and make it popular. YouTube is one of the best ways to promote any kind of business. It is a major platform that allows anyone to create a channel or advertise their business.

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Stop wasting time and money designing and managing a website that doesn’t get results. Happiness guaranteed!

  • LOGO
  • SEO

Pricing Plans

*Starting Price

Website Designing

₹ 15,000/year

  • Maximum 10 Pages
  • Logo Design
  • 2 Business Email
  • Server + SSL
  • Website Content
  • Responsive Design
  • Loading Speed
  • Cache Support
On-Page SEO

₹ 7,500/month

  • Meta Data Optimization
  • Schema Markup
  • Titles & Contents
  • Internal Linking
  • URL Structure
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Sitemap & Analytics
  • Performance Report
Social Media Optimization

₹ 18,500/month

  • Google My Business Page
  • Facebook Page + Post Graphics
  • Instagram Page + Post Graphics
  • Twiiter Page + Post Graphics
  • Pinterest Page + Post Graphics
  • Tumblr Page + Post Graphics
  • Telegram Page + Post Graphics
  • For Promotion (*Additional Charges)
All About

My Digital Access

We have been more than 5 years experience in the field of online services, we are helping people bring their business online. We believe in hard work with smart strategies.

Digital marketing is the process of using computer-generated and/or human data to create marketing and sales opportunities. Digital marketing can be achieved through a variety of means. There are numerous digital channels that can be utilized for digital marketing. The objective of digital marketing is to generate awareness about your product or services, gain exposure through the creation of content, allow customers to choose to engage with you or contact you, and offer product or service solutions to customers.

Search engine optimization is important for the future of your business. Even if you run a local business, it's important to keep an eye on how your website is being viewed. That's where SEO comes in.

While many sources tell us that the need to market through traditional means such as print and radio is fast becoming obsolete, we still seem to be sending out a lot of personalised direct mail. There is a sense, however, that traditional means of marketing still have a lot to offer, with more people replying to email than to face to face queries

WordPress is the world's most popular content management system. It's been around since 2003, and even now, it's used by more than 30 percent of websites worldwide. In this infographic, I want to take you through the basics of how to use WordPress, its different settings, plugins, themes, and tools, and to show you the basic steps needed to create a WordPress-powered website.


What Clients Says
About "My Digital Access"

A good digital marketing company conducts research into the latest market trends and adopts a good set of standard tools and strategies to suit the business' objectives.

The company offers a combination of content marketing, search engine optimisation, paid advertising and social media marketing.

“I have been associated with "My Digital Access" right from the beginning. They have helped me in bringing my business online in India.”

Mr. Ganesh Jaiswal (India)
Founder of Speed WorldWide Express
4.9/5 Review

“My website was not getting indexed properly on Google search engine. "My Digital Access" fixed my problem within 7 days. Finally all pages are indexd of my website.”

Mr. John Matt (Toronto)
Content Writer
4.7/5 Review

“I had to start my own fashion blog. So there was a lot of confusion in my mind. I got my solution here. I am very thankful for such services from them.”

Mr. Ritika Desai (Colorado)
Fashion Blogger
4.8/5 Review


Stop wasting time and money designing and managing a website that doesn’t get results. Happiness guaranteed!

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